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All of us desire to have absolutely flawless and glowing skin. Although with hectic lifestyles, sun exposure, skin issues like acne and pigmentation we often feel to have lost the charm of our face and body. The good news is that with proper skin care and simple procedures like chemical peeling the concerns of tanning, pigmentation, age spots and sun spots can be worked upon. The procedure of chemical peeling works also on fine lines and is, therefore, rewarding for its anti-aging outcomes as well.

A chemical peel is a technique that improves the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. It mostly treats facial skin and enhances the body and scarring. It uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. The new skin is usually smoother and has fewer wrinkles than the old skin. The new skin is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun.

What is chemical peeling?

Chemical peels are advanced medications formulated in different concentrations and combinations so as to bring about the best-desired outcome and to suit an individual’s skin type and indication. The formulations when applied on an area of the body, face commonly,  removes the rough upper layer of skin and stimulate rejuvenation of new skin cells. Pigment particles are taken off, collagen is restored and acne glands are worked upon. The result: tighter, smoother skin that is relatively free of lines and blemishes and acne. The result of the peel depends on many factors like which particular peel is used on a skin type, skin color and the purpose of doing the peel. Therefore it is utmost important that the procedure is done only after the recommendation and under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist.

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Who is a suitable candidate for chemical peeling?

Listed below are the most common issues faced by people today. If these skin concerns are left unattended, they can have consequences which may be distressing mentally and may, in fact disrupt the quality of life of an individual

.Pigmentation issues

    • Dark spots,
    • melasma,
    • sun spots,
    • age spots,
    • freckles
    • post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation


      • acne
      • post acne marks
      • acne scars

.Facial rejuvenation

      • fine lines
      • pigmentary demarcation lines
      • photodamaged skin
      • Open Pores

. Focal pigmentation

      • Under Eye dark circles
      • Lip pigmentation
      • Underarm pigmentation
      • Elbow, Knee, Knuckle pigmentation

At skination clinic founded by top dermatologist in Delhi– gel based, international, medically advanced chemical peels are used as each individual skin is taken seriously and offered nothing but the best. Also detailed examination and understanding the concerns of each one visiting Skination is the protocol.

Commonly used peels

Glycolic, salicylic, lactic, retinol, phenol, TCA peels are the common ones. Latest peels include pyruvic, acetic and ferulic preparations.

What Results  we expected

Skin clarity is visible from the very first session, though proper therapeutic response takes 2-3 sessions. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 weeks. Every time the peels can be switched or done sequentially depending on individual skin needs. Effects can be maintained after a stipulated amount of sessions are some for an indication as decided by the dermatologist. In good scenarios not only a particular concern like pigmentation improves but also the overall health of the skin is improved.

What precautions to be opted for after chemical peeling?

Use of sunscreen in addition to other physical modes of sun protection like covering the skin during the day helps a great deal. Using bland moisturizers and color-free, fragrance-free face washes are recommended. Avoiding parlor activities for a week before and after a session helps avoid any unwanted side effects. Also swimming, sauna and hot bath should be deferred before and after the procedure.  

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