Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo or Leukoderma is a problem in which white marks and patches having irregular shape appear on various areas of your skin. This disorder occurs when melanocytes (cells which produce melanin pigment responsible for giving color to your skin) are destroyed or stop functioning. It is the most common depigmenting disorder that affects approximately 0.5 to 1% of the general population regardless of race and sex.

The exact etiology of vitiligo is still unknown and it is associated with autoimmune, neural, genetic, oxidative stress, or viral causes. Vitiligo can start at any age, but usually makes its first appearance between 10-30 years of age. It can be generalized (white patches all over the body), segmental (white patches only on one side of the body) and focal (white patches limited to only one or a few areas of the body).


This condition may be psychologically devastating due to the stigma attached to it. And as vitiligo affects more commonly the younger population, it can affect their self-esteem creating problems in matrimonial alliance and other social interactions.

Vitiligo Surgery

Surgical options available for Vitiligo Surgical are suction blister grafting/punch grafting, cultured melanocyte suspension transplant, and non-cultured melanocyte suspension transplant. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia.

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