Scar & Keloid

Scars form when the skin is injured from any cause, most commonly trauma or surgery. While it is not possible to make a scar disappear, there are many options available to improve or minimize the appearance of a scar. The severity of a scar varies widely based on the location, skin type, skin color, and individual genetic makeup, history of previous surgeries or radiation, and underlying medical conditions of the individual. Scar maturation is a lengthy process and many scars will continue to undergo changes up to 12 months after the initial injury.

A keloid is an abnormal scar response following skin trauma typically affects individuals with darker skin type. Keloids tend to grow beyond the borders of the original scar and can cause troubling symptoms such as pain, burning, or itching sensations. Keloids commonly affect certain areas of the face such as earlobes, jawline, and neck but are very uncommon on the lips or nose.


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