Dark coarse hairs and light skin generally yield the best results.
With triple wavelength technology, fine hairs and dark skin can also be treated safely with the best outcome.
White hairs do not respond as well to treatment.
Laser hair removal is not for pregnant women, those with pacemakers or metal screws in the area to be treated.
Some topical medications such as tretinoin preparations may need to be stopped in advance of your treatment.

Bikini area
Full back
Upper Lip
These are also the most popular areas treated with laser hair reduction

Choosing the right technology that goes best for an individuals skin and hair tyoes, also taking into consideration the area treated it is quite safe. Although there can be transient issues like slight stinging during the procedure and mild redness that can persist for an hour.

For the best results and safest outcomes, we advise you to observe the following recommendations.

1. Please ensure that the treated area is well moisturized with frequent applications of a no fragrance topical moisturizer according to your skin type recommended by the dermatologist.
Ideally, sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or greater should be used daily.
3. Do not irritate the treated area with harsh chemicals such as acne medications or face scrubs for 1 to 2 days after your treatment.
4. Makeup should best be avoided immediately and for the first 24 hrs after treatment.
Use mild nonsoap cleanser and water for cleaning the treated area.

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